Who are We?

Who are we?

Puntas Negras Diving is a family business, located in Cancun, Mexico. Our team that has a wide domain in the field of recreational diving. With experience in various diving spots in Mexico such as Playa del Carmen and Los Cabos, as well as in international spots such as Jamaica and Greece.


Our passion lies in the contributing to the care, preservation and protection of the marine environment.


Founded by diving instructor Juan Carlos Reyes, PADI instructor for almost 20 years. Lover of sharks and as one of the precursors of diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, fully invested in its protection.


It would be very rewarding for us to be able to share our passion and knowledge for the marine environment with you, while offering you an unforgettable experience.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our services to provide memorable experiences, strengthening cultural, educational and marine environmental training development in each of our divers.

Our core values


Punta Negras Diving is made up of three values totally linked to the protection of marine life in general:

  • Educate

    The knowledge of marine environments and the species that inhabit it.

  • Conserve

    The responsibility that we have and that entails the protection of marine systems.

  • Preserve

    The commitment to protect any marine system on land and water.